Unlimited Cashback. Get Paid to PLAY!

We value our most loyal customers. We realize there are plenty of betting opportunities in the Bitcoin world and appreciate when you chose to play here.

For this reason, we've created the most rewarding VIP program in the industry.

You earn Loyalty Points every time you play. Loyalty Points are used to determine your VIP level.

In addition, each play earns you DirectBet Coins. These coins have real cash value and can be exchanged to Bitcoin instantly.

The number of Loyalty Points awarded from each play depends on the game played and the amount wagered. The following formula is used :

Loyalty Points Awarded = Amount Wagered (in mBTC or equivalent) * Game Points Multiplier

The number of DirectBet Coins awarded for each play is equal to the number of Loyalty Points awarded, multiplied by your VIP Coin Multiplier :

DirectBet Coins Awarded = Loyalty Points Awarded * VIP Coin Multiplier

The higher your VIP level, the more DirectBet Coins you will earn from each play and the greater your rewards will be !

VIP Level Coin Multiplier Loyalty Points Required
New VIP 1 0
Bronze 1.1 1000
Silver 1.25 10000
Gold 1.5 100000
Platinum 2 1000000
Elite 2.5 10000000
Master 3 100000000
Grand Master 3.5 1000000000

Example :

You bet 10 mBTC on European Roulette. You will earn 10 * 3 = 30 Loyalty Points. Now if your VIP level is Gold, you will also receive 30 * 1.5 = 45 DirectBet Coins, and if your VIP level is Platinum, you will receive 30 * 2 = 60 DirectBet Coins.

When betting in currencies other than Bitcoin, the following fixed conversion rate is applied for calculating Loyalty Points :

1 mBTC = 0.05 ETH = 0.1 LTC = 0.1 DASH = 0.5 CLAM = 2,000 DOGE

For example, 1 DASH bet is equivalent to 10 mBTC bet and will earn you 30 Loyalty Points when betting on European Roulette as per the example above.

Game Points Multiplier
Platinum Lightning 3
European Roulette 3
Book of Pyramids 3
Aztec Magic 3
Fantasy Park 3
CrazyStarter 3
SlotomonGo 3
Jacks or Better 2
Minesweeper 2
Texas Hold'em 1
Multihand Blackjack 1
Heads & Tails 1
HI-LO Switch 1
Baccarat 1
Casino Hold'em 1
Scratch Dice 1